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COVID In The United States

Each state and county has a different system on how they are tracking, and distributing information on COVID-19. The CDC has a main Dashboard site for COVID. The picture below is from that page. 

For information on where your county/state are at,follow this link to the CDC COVID Dashboard site.


COVID California Colored Tier Explanation


A County must meet the case rate and test positivity thresholds for a specific tier for the prior two consecutive weeks in order to move into that tier. These are evaluated in percentages. The top left image is a map distinguishing which tiers each county in California are in. The top right image is a graph of current possible tiers. 

Where Yolo County is at:

Last Updated 3/1/2021

Yolo County is currently in the Red Tier. This has opened up inside activity to 25% capacity.

Yolo County is where the MMPA Office is located. Due to the current restrictions in this county, MMPA staff are working remotely.

56 Cases Reported 3/1

Total Cases for the county-




Total Tested in Yolo County-




Test Positivity Rate


From 2/14 - 2/20